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Self Defence in Nottingham

Self-Defence for Women in Nottingham

.... a project of the Martial Art School - Nottingham, focused on Self-Defence Training for both, individuals and groups. Each course is desigend to suit your requirements, providing a compact and powerful package, which teaches you step by step how to protect and to defend yourself. The techniques taught are taken from various martial arts such as Ju-Jutsu, Ninjutsu, Escrima and others, considering that they have to be simple, easy to learn yet highly effective.

Self-Defence Training in Nottingham

To start with, we'll talk about the physical and psychological aspects of confrontational situations. We'll then move on to practising some simple punches, blocks and kicks as well as guarding positions, which we'll later include in the practical applications. Each lesson starts with a review of the previous session, ensuring so that nothing get's lost. Here, we will also discuss any questions you may have. The average duration of a self-defence course is about 6 to 10 weeks - based on one hour training per week.

Personal Training in Nottingham

£25.00 per hour, when training one 2 one

£20.00 per hour & person, when training together with a friend or partner

£15.00 per hour & person, when training within a small group of four people

The Victoria Works
Ball Street off The Wells Road
Nottingham NG3 3AR

Phone: +44 (0)7766 643 407